Want to clone mushrooms? A quick start guide.

Daniel Rogers

You can clone mushrooms easily with a few affordable supplies and patience.


What is a mushroom clone?

A mushroom cultivated from another mushroom will be genetically identical, making it a clone.


Why clone mushrooms?

If you want to create a genetically identical mushroom that shares the same qualities (shape, color, etc.) as the original mushroom, you'll want to clone it.
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What do I need to clone mushrooms?

  • Gloves
  • Flow hood, still air box, or another clean environment
  • Mushroom fruiting body
  • Agar plates
  • Scalpel
  • Alcohol burner
  • Isopropyl alcohol 70%
  • PolyFilm or similar product 

    Step one: Sanitize your work space.

    Use the isopropyl alcohol to sterilize your space. 

    Step two: Prep mushroom, agar plate, and scalpel.

    1. Tear into your mushroom to expose the stem. 
    2. Open up your agar plate so it's ready for a quick transfer. 
    3. Turn on your burner, sterilize your scalpel in the burner, and wait for the scalpel to cool down. 

    Step three: Take the mushroom tissue culture.

    1. Tear your mushroom fruiting body and tear it again. Then use your scalpel to cut out a clean piece of the mushroom. 
    2. Immediately put it on your prepared agar plate. Seal your plate with Microppose PolyFilm or a similar product. 


      Step four: Incubate.

      After sealing your plate, incubate at 70º-75ºF for best results.