'Mark 1' Large Mushroom Monotub Complete Grow Kit

Microppose Monotub Grow Kits are the ultimate home mushroom cultivation setup. Simple yet highly productive, these monotubs are designed for maximum yield without complex unnecessary gadgetry. These tubs feature custom-fit liners, unbreakable clips, colonizer plugs, and high flow filters designed for humidity retention and fresh air exchange. Durable, stackable design supports over 200lbs. Achieve mushroom growing success effortlessly with Microppose Monotubs - your no-mess, high-yield home-growing solution.

Don't forget to pair this kit with grain, substrate and a spore or liquid culture syringe!
  • Simple & Productive: There are no gimmicky gadgets or expensive meters or controllers in this setup. This tub was designed by growers to produce lots of mushrooms at home.
  • Cleanup Is Easy: Microppose drop in liners are custom-designed to fit your monotub. The liner clings to your substrate as it shrinks to prevent side pinning. When you're done growing, lift the whole mess out and discard.
  • Holding It All Together: The Microppose clips were designed to be tight and unbreakable! There’s a very satisfying SNAP sound when you slide them on, too!
  • Plugs = A Good Start: The Microppose plugs are designed to block dirty air from outside of the tub and help maintain humidity during colonization.
  • Add Fresh Air, Watch Them Grow: Microppose peel and stick tub filters are designed to allow fresh air into your tub while maintaining high levels of humidity, the environment your mushrooms crave. 
  • Durable & Stackable: The lids and pans of the Microppose monotubs interlock with one another making them perfect for stacking. Supports 200+ pounds!

Large Kit Includes:

  •  2 Sterilized Spawn Bags of Rye Berries With Injection Ports (2 Quarts Each)
  • 10 pounds of Sterilized Bulk Substrate (Coco Coir, Vermiculite, gypsum) 
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