Our Mission

Microppose was created by and for people who love mycology, and that’s been our guiding principle since day one. We engineer user-friendly cultivation equipment with an emphasis on sustainability by offering reliable products and utilizing recycled materials in our production process.


Our Values


Microppose products are built for longevity, designed to withstand the demands of mushroom cultivation with precision and durability. Crafted with exceptional sterility standards, our equipment not only aids in cultivating cultures but also safeguards your time and effort.


Authenticity drives Microppose. We prioritize transparency, honesty, and staying true to our roots. With a genuine interest in mushroom cultivation from the start, Microppose evolved from a passion project to a trusted business. Our commitment to authenticity has forged strong relationships and fostered loyalty within the mushroom community.


Microppose owes its existence to a supportive community of mycologists. To honor our origins, all products undergo peer testing by trusted members of the mushroom community. This ensures excellence and usability for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Additionally, we integrate community feedback when developing new products, reflecting our commitment to customer dialogue.

Our Team